A Brilliant Idea: Savage Worlds Scooby-Doo

The Scooby-Doo gangThis is a brilliant idea.  I was wandering around the Savage Worlds forums looking for extra Pirates of the Spanish Main RPG info and I tripped across this thread.  A Savage Worlds Scooby-Doo adventure.


The gang are all wild cards and each player is carefully matched to the right hindrances and edges.  For example, Shaggy has Yellow and Fleet-footed, while Velma sports Bad Eyes and Scholar.   There’s even a rule for Velma to drop her glasses.


The adventure setting is an old favorite from the Call of Cthulhu game twisted slightly to align with the plot of the television show.  It’s a haunted house, of course, and the gang is investigating it.

A run away child is in the house along with television show style NPC special guest stars Sandy Duncan and Don Knotts.   The enemy, Old Man Smithers, is a little darker in this game than the normal television show.  So I wouldn’t recommend this particular scenario to younger kids, but it looks like it would be a blast for anyone who grew up watching those meddling kids and their dog on Saturday mornings.




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