Miskatonic School for Girls (a review)

Miskatonic School for Girls is a light deck-building game where you are the head of a house at an all girls boarding school. You use friendship points to add girls to your deck and nightmare points to add faculty to your opponents deck.

The game supports 2-4 players. There are some special rules for 2 that remove a couple of the nastier teachers and changes how pet teachers are handled. The game plays in about 45 minutes.

It’s a comical Lovecraftian themed game and the art work is amazing. Many of the girls names come from H.P. Lovecraft stories (Hannah Armitage and Josephina Curwen) and the teachers have monster names (I love Amy Gho, even though it took me a minute to get it…)

The game is to stay sane. Isn’t that the point of all Lovecraft games? As your opponents add teachers to your deck that becomes harder and harder. The game does start off a little slow, not boring, but you only lose one or two sanity in the first few rounds, but eventually the losses come fast and heavy. In the various games I’ve played/watched the game comes down to one or two points. I have yet to see a run away win.

The game comes with blank cards for girls, teachers and events so people can craft their own expansion cards. I could easily see an expansion to add teachers and girls; not that this game needs an expansion. It’s a load of lighthearted sanity draining fun as it is.

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