Trying to find the Xperia Play (a.k.a. the Playstation Phone)

The commercials are funny. Since I’m not a big Daily Show fan I didn’t recognize the actress when I saw the Xperia Play commercials on youtube.  I’ve been following the Xperia play with some degree of interest.  My Playstation 3 has become a hub for everyone in the family and has surpassed the family iMac as the most used device in the house.  I’m a fan of my PSP and enjoy the connectivity between the handheld and the console.  It remind me of the Gamecube/Gameboy Advanced cable connectivity.

Unfortunately I can’t find any information about what carriers will offer the Play and which stores have demo models of the phone.  I’ve called the local AT&T and Verizon stores and neither one of them had any information on the phone.  Best Buy was also clueless.


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