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On-line work for Gamemeisters

I’ve been spending alot of time on the business plan for the store and setting up the on-line presence. The facebook, twitter, web site and customer forums are all up and running. Check us out at www.gamemeisters.com I’ve been working with the Vermont Small Business Development Center here in Randolph and they have been a […]

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Survey almost done

The two week survey run is almost up.  Please share this http://skoda.net/survey/ Right now I’ve got 52 completed surveys with a ton of great data that will help build the store to provide the goods and services people want.    

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How to start a Friendly Local Game Store

I’m working on building a Friendly Local Game Store in Randolph.  So far I’ve been working in the business side of things: business plan, market research, financial matters, etc.  To have something meaningful in the primary market research section of the plan I started an on-line survey to get some market data.  The survey is […]

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iPhone day 2

I continue to wander around counting bars on my iPhone. Northfield has amazing coverage. I get full bars in places were my Verizon phone was completely dead zoned. I had edge coverage downtown and read and sent emails from the Subway over lunch. I’m hopeful that there will be 3G coverage soon. Edge was fine […]

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iPhone mania day 1

So I’ve got my phone, it’s registered and working as a phone and I’ve transferred all my iPod Touch apps over. Now I’m obsessed with coverage, wandering around watching the number of bars where-ever I go.  I’m not sure why I’m doing this, Verizon coverage in Vermont is not that great.  I guess I’m hoping […]

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