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WoW trading card game moving in an interesting direction

I avoided WoW The Card Game for the longest time. I have been sucked into collectible card games before and spent a lot of cash on booster packs hoping for the right cards and getting stiffed only to return to the store later that same week and plop down another chunk of change for more. […]

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Dermont dings 80!!!

Congratulations Dermont. The former Ironforge Sentinel gas hit the big eight oh. Good work Johnny. He’s working on the video now. I’ll post it when he gets it done.

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Leveling Coldjack

I’m having a grand old time leveling another frost mage on WoW. I really enjoy the lower level content. The zones and quest lines in the old world are really well done. I’ve been trying to explore new zones and follow different story lines than other dwarf or gnome characters. Once I hit level 25 […]

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Grimlager dings 80!

[quicktime width=480 height=280]http://www.skoda.net/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/grim-dings-80.m4v[/quicktime] Grimlager is the first Ironforge Sentinel to hit the big 8 0.  Let’s get going Crillibunk, you have a long way to go 😉

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