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Assassin’s Creed Liberation multiplayer is a game?

What am I missing?  I sign in and attack a place with my agents and then put them on defense and sign out.  The next time I sign in I get a message that says the Assassins win and a new game is starting.  So I repeat the process.  It just doesn’t feel like a […]

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Second look at the Playstation Vita

Back in February I wrote here that I’d be waiting until a price drop for the Vita.  Well the Assassin’s Creed bundle basically did that for me.  I got a 4G memory card, the AC3 game, and the Vita for the MSRP of just the Vita alone.  The machine is amazing with all sorts of interesting ways […]

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Cutthroats game in Playstation Home

I just found out about the pirate themed game in Playstation Home. I know it’s been around for a bit but I haven’t updated my Home software in a long time. The game is a team shoot-em-up with one person at the helm of a ship and up to six people manning the guns. Each […]

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Microsoft Surface: All about the ecosystem

So the new Microsoft Surface product was announced on Monday. It’s a hybrid tablet-laptop and it looks really cool. Lot’s has been written about it and the wars between iFaithful and MicroSofties are breaking out in post comments all over the web. My opinion is that Microsoft has a chance to build an ecosystem with […]

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Playstation Vita… I think I’ll wait.

The day is here and the Playstation Vita is out. I’ve messed around with one at the local Gamestop and I’m just not as excited as I once was. The UMD import tool is not available in the U.S. and the system uses proprietary cables and memory cards. There isn’t any on-board storage in the […]

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Gone back to iPhone

So I tried it. I really did. I spent almost a month in the Android ecosystem trying to love my Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. Alas, yesterday I returned to the iPhone. I found the Xperia Play a little slow. Switching between a game and texting was painfully slow. The text app also didn’t sort messages […]

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Targeting gaming sites to combat political apathy

I saw a tweet last night suggesting that some of the cyber attacks on game systems (Eve, WoW, Sony’s SOE, etc.) may be an effort to combat political apathy. While this is an interesting theory and I can see that members of the hacktivist groups might think that if they turn off games that users […]

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