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Interesting physical layer implementation

I’m always fascinated by the flexibility of layered networking  models.   Here is the physical layer of the OSI model using Bongo drums, while still running a proper network stack with TCP/IP.  This rules!  http://eagle.auc.ca/~dreid/

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Grades are all caught up

Wow it’s been a busy Saturday here at the northern command bunker, but I’ve finally caught up on all the grading I’ve needed to do. All labs, quizzes, and exams that have been graded have also been entered into Blackboard and anything still showing as a dash (-) is something I do not have. I’ve […]

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Lecturecast 4: Hubs, switches, and Ethernet

Here’s lecture 4. Please email me or post in the forums if there’s distortion in this mp3 file. [podcast]http://www.skoda.net/podcast/cis2151-lecture4.mp3[/podcast]

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Lecturecast 3, Physical layer

We talk devices and cables as we wander around in chapter 15 of the book. [podcast]http://www.skoda.net/podcast/cis2151-lecture3.mp3[/podcast]

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Getting ready for Networks 1, Fall 2009

I’m working on cleaning up from last year’s teaching engagements at VTC and trying to get set for tomorrow. Can it be the beginning of a new school year already? Where did the summer go. The forums have been cleaned up and the hand outs updated for the new semester. Now I’ve got to get […]

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and the calorically endowed lady sings…

The final is over.  I will be on campus for a bit longer and checking my inbox in the Green Faculty lounge at 5PM sharp.  Anything not handed in by then is not going into blackboard and won’t be factored into the final grade.  I must have my grades in by 4PM tomorrow. Have a […]

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Exam day notes

There are posts in the forms with links to all the lectures, including the broken lecture 9, and links to all the exam and quiz questions with the correct answers.  I will be on campus shortly after lunch (around 12ish) in Green 111 for any last minute questions. For those of you who are still […]

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When Teachers Make Me Mad

I ran into this today… http://linuxlock.blogspot.com/2008/12/linux-stop-holding-our-kids-back.html Summary: Teacher sees student showing off Linux and handing out Live CDs. Teacher confiscates CDs and writes an angry letter because teacher is definitely a techno-bigot and probably a worthless tool. I understand that it is hard to set aside personal bias when teaching. I have worked for years […]

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Quiz and Exams are re-open

A few students have been having trouble with the quiz and exams on blackboard.  Thank you to those who’ve sent me email about the various problems.  I’ve re-opened all quizzes and the exam and they will all close on the 15th of December.  That’s the final day I can leave the items open and still […]

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Thursday lab will start a tad late, say 6:45ish

I got into a longer than expected call/email thing and therefore I’m running late for lab.  I’ll be there in about 30 minutes and we can get started.

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