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Microsoft Surface: All about the ecosystem

So the new Microsoft Surface product was announced on Monday. It’s a hybrid tablet-laptop and it looks really cool. Lot’s has been written about it and the wars between iFaithful and MicroSofties are breaking out in post comments all over the web. My opinion is that Microsoft has a chance to build an ecosystem with […]

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A little free media relations advice for Time Warner’s CEO

Time Warner’s CEO is pejorative in his comments about Netflix.  Sorry Jeff, being dismissive of a new technology isn’t smart business it only serves to show your company as defensive and behind the times.  Anyone recall Steve Ballmer’s reaction to the first iPhone in an interview?  He dismissed it as being less than significant because […]

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Microsoft grants Russia access to Windows source code

In order to continue selling Microsoft products to the Russian government, the Redmond Washington software company granted various agencies of the Russian government access to source code for Windows 7, Server 2008, and other products. The government agencies listed in the agreement include the former KGB.  The source code access will help the Russian government […]

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My Copy of Windows Isn’t Genuine Anymore

Over the summer I’ve planned to revamp my CIS2230 System Admin course to include more Windows specific examples. I received a Windows 7 key from my department head in accordance with our college’s MSDN membership. I get Windows installed and type in the key and everything is fine for several months. Last week I opened […]

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