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Gone back to iPhone

So I tried it. I really did. I spent almost a month in the Android ecosystem trying to love my Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. Alas, yesterday I returned to the iPhone. I found the Xperia Play a little slow. Switching between a game and texting was painfully slow. The text app also didn’t sort messages […]

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Macjournal for iPad is out!

It’s finally here. I’ve been waiting for some time to get macjournal on my iPad. I use the mac version of MJ a lot i tried the iPhone version but the keyboard was too small to make long notes. I had been taking notes in the iPad note app but without folders it turned into […]

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Thinking about a merge

I’m maintaining two blogs, skoda.net and technewsvt.com and each had a different mission when I started them. Skoda.net is my information security, personal opinion, world of warcraft, and teaching blog. skoda.net is the central space for students in my Vermont Tech classes to get course materials and assignments. Technewsvt.com was started as a technology news […]

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Thanks for the nostalgia, Opera Unite

Back in the golden age of the Internet and web 0.9, those people who were lucky enough to have a routable IP address on their desktop workstation used NSCA’s or Netscape’s web server and built their own web pages. skoda.com started out as a single index.html, written in vi, served off a DEC Alpha workstation […]

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I passed my GPEN!

It took me 3:09:48 to complete the exam, but I finished it and wound up with a 94. Great thanks go to Tom for proctoring and Eric for instructing.

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My GCPM Plaque has arrived

Over the summer I took the six day SANS 525 Project Management and Effective Communications for Security Professionals and this autumn I passed the very challenging certification exam. That made me a GIAC certified project manager, versed in the art and science of managing projects in accordance with the PMBOK. Today I got the hardware […]

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Ads coming to quizzes and hand-outs?

A teacher in California sold the space at the bottom of exams to advertisers.  I suppose I’m no better using Google Ads on my blog and posting materials for my courses.  I have not had a student complain about ads on my blog, yet.  I don’t know if I would sell the footer on my […]

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Christmas Themes

I’ve updated the main site and the forums with festive holiday color and graphics.  I wonder if leaving snowmen graphics on your blog past MLK day is a kin to leaving your Christmas lights up all year?

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GIAC Certified Project Manager

I made it! I passed the 4 hour GCPM exam with the second highest score on record!

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Teaching networking in a dangerous world

Tonight was my introduction to text based protocols lab.  I have the students use netcat to interact directly with web servers and e-mail MTAs to experience the give and take of layer seven.  The dance of GETs and 200 OKs or the chatty email flow using HELO, MAIL FROM, RCPT TO, DATA, and QUIT.  When […]

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