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Games Workshop retail store

I found my way into a Games Workshop retail store last night.  I was excited to learn about the store.  I was hoping that a GW retail outlet would be something special.  The manager was friendly and knowledgeable.  He knew the games and army compositions and the lore.  He offered constructive tips on how to […]

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The fourth irregulars are ready to take the field

The 4th is finally ready for battle.  The fourth irregulars is a 15 solider company of dwarf infantry led by the veteran Id Kamdöl.  The company gets its name from its long and glory-filled history.  The 4th was first stood up as a fortress defense force made up of civilian volunteers.  When green skin raiders […]

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Warhammer on-line is gone?!

I decided to check in on my free-to-play rank 10 Dwarf Engineer.  I hadn’t played Warhammer on-line much but I did like the game.  I didn’t make it past the first PvP area.  I pulled up the client and nothing happened.  It looked like the application wanted to update.  So I headed over to the […]

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