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Dwarf Fortress: the Plato’s Closet edition

My most recent attempt at Dwarf Fortress is slowly unravelling.  My fortress of 200 dwarves is in the  beginning stages of  an emo death spiral.  Food production has been interrupted.  Tantrums are resulting in assaults.  Soap has run out and infections are claiming many of those wounded in the assaults or by some of the forgotten […]

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Warhammer Drawf army

I’ve been working on a Dwarf army for Warhammer.  I haven’t painted minis since the early 1980s so it was almost a brand new experience for me.  I remember TSR metal minis, but I never made the jump to Warhammer or 40k.  For a few years now I’ve been wandering the game stores looking at […]

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WoW trading card game moving in an interesting direction

I avoided WoW The Card Game for the longest time. I have been sucked into collectible card games before and spent a lot of cash on booster packs hoping for the right cards and getting stiffed only to return to the store later that same week and plop down another chunk of change for more. […]

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Pirate MMOs

I learned that Pirates of the Burning Sea has gone to a freemium business model, so I decided to give it a try. I’ve been playing Pirates of the Caribbean On-line ever since the Mac version came out. I had to use my Bootcamp partition to play PotBS, there is no Mac version and the […]

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