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The new Pokemon GO game has been released in the U.S. and it seems to be a pretty fun idea.  The augmented reality game connects with a Google Maps like system (could very well be Maps itself) to give the player a real world space to explore and look for pokemon.  I can help but […]

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Migration to android

I can’t take it anymore!  The iPhone’s new user interface is just too stark and bland and thin.  I had a long chat with an Apple employee about the philosophical reasons behind the abandonment of skeuomorphics.  The newest Mac OS is sporting a flattened and bland interface as well and no theme settings or adjustments. […]

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Trying to find the Xperia Play (a.k.a. the Playstation Phone)

The commercials are funny. Since I’m not a big Daily Show fan I didn’t recognize the actress when I saw the Xperia Play commercials on youtube.  I’ve been following the Xperia play with some degree of interest.  My Playstation 3 has become a hub for everyone in the family and has surpassed the family iMac […]

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