Lecturecast 9 dead air spots

There seems to be something wrong with lecture 9, I think some of the sound clips were removed from the lecture. I’m looking into it and will post a fix tonight

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Lecturecast 9: Layer 4 (tcp and udp)


We start working on layer 4.  Read chapter 6.

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Lecturecast 8: Routing


Routing protocols and more discussion about subnetting.

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Networks labs updates

I have posted labs #6 and #7 in the forums. If you are a Wednesday lab group person, please download the take home lab this week and complete it by the 28th. We will not meet on the 21st.

If you are a Monday lab person, please download the take home lab on Monday the 26th and complete it by the 2nd of November.

If you have questions about the take home lab or about when you should be in Green 111 for lab, please email, AIM, or call.

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Lecturecast 7: Subnetting

Here we start subnetting and I discuss the lab schedule changes. Remember, no lab meeting on Wednesday 21 Oct or Monday 26 Oct.


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Lecturecast 6: Exam feedback and IPv4

In this episode I review the correct exam answers and we start talking about IPv4 from chapter 8.


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Lecturecast 5: Wifi and WANS

This episode talk about the 802.11 section of chapter 15 and the WAN link information from chapter 13.


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Grades are all caught up

Wow it’s been a busy Saturday here at the northern command bunker, but I’ve finally caught up on all the grading I’ve needed to do. All labs, quizzes, and exams that have been graded have also been entered into Blackboard and anything still showing as a dash (-) is something I do not have.

I’ve posted a brief explanation on how to calculate your current grade in the forums, head on over there to see what you’ve got so far. Don’t freak out if it’s lower than you expect. I have yet to hand out participation points and no one has taken the final exam yet, so your score will be 15-25 points lower than what you’ll end up with, provided that you continue to hand in work, get your part points in, and take the final exam. If you give up now and never show up again, what you see today is what you get, but I don’t think anyone plans on giving up yet.

Have a great break and keep an eye on my blog and the forums for news about the schedule after we get back, I may not be in state and we might have a take home lab when you get back from break.

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Failure to adapt

The impending replacement of my main computer has me planning out what things to load and what things to leave behind and as I look at the list of things that I want to put on my machine I wonder if I’m starting to fall behind technically or if I’m simply so used to specific programs that I don’t need to adapt to the newer-better-faster application.

The things that are tops on the list: vim, TeTeX, nmh and WindowMaker.

It struck me as odd that I’d be putting these things on a Macbook Pro that already has Xcode, iWork, Mail and a GUI, but I’m so used to being able to fire off a quick email from the command line or using one of the LaTeX templates for reports, memos, lab handouts, quizzes, exams or articles.

In many ways I’m an early adopter but there are a few core programs that I cling to in the same way that a child clings to a worn out blanket. I wonder if I shouldn’t use this opportunity to break from my dependence on very old programs…

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Lecturecasts still broken

My recording ability is still down. I won’t have anything recorded in the way of an exam review.

For the exam, make sure you read the reading assignments. Many of the test questions are taken from the reading. The exam is comprised of matching, fill-in-the-blank, true/false, and drawing or short answer.

I’ll be on-line tonight for any questions you may have before class starts tomorrow evening. Please make use of the forums, the call-in number, or email to get any questions answered before the exam.

To save time I’ll answer some of the more frivolous and most asked question here and now.

– No, you do not HAVE to take the exam, but you will receive a zero for a grade.

– No, I won’t give you the answers for the exam.

– No, you may not take the exam as a group.

– No, you may not use the Internet while taking the exam.

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