I’m many things to many people: a husband, a father, a teacher, an Air Force officer, an assistant professor, a pain in the ass, a recreational runner, uncle, brother, in-law, outlaw, Disney fanboy, Mac enthusiast, WoW player, recovering Civ 3 addict, worst enemy, best friend, casual acquaintance, scotch connoisseur, fountain pen snob, and various and sundry other things. This page has some items that help define me.
My GPG key fingerprint is 8EAF 75A5 F6AB 483D 464D 776F F05C E337 ED18 CD42  You can a copy of my key from the public key server or you can click right here
You can find me on twitter at http://twitter.com/jskoda  I used to be on AIM as jskoda4 and every once in a while I’ll pop-up. You can Facebook/Twitter me as well.

Jack Skoda's Facebook profile
I’ve been working in the tech sector for a quarter century. I have done a lot of UNIX system and network administration, I’ve spent some time developing software in C and Perl. I spent far too much time as a software configuration manager/Clearcase admin. I really enjoy the time I spend teaching for Vermont Technical College and the USAF. My whole dossier of experience is contained in my resume.

I have various hobbies: outdoors stuff like kayaking, hiking, hunting, and shooting; indoors stuff like Wii, World of Warcraft, computer history, and Pokemon; and a penchant for single malt scotch, good dark beer, and fountain pens.

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