Note4 vs iPhone almost a year in

It’s been almost a year since I switch from the Apple iPhone to the Samsung Note.  I rarely use my iPad anymore unless I’m playing one of the board games that I have previously purchased from the Apple App store.  Many of the things I thought I would miss from the Apple ecosystem just aren’t that important to me anymore.  iPhoto has changed to Photos and the cloud integration seems less stable than Google’s photo storage.   I don’t use my phone for music anymore since I just stream from the Internet rather than cart around a large collection of .mp3 files.  The integrated Google apps (calendar, email, and hangouts) replace the iCloud programs with equivalent features.

The big difference for me is the choice.  I can choose what program is used for what function on the phone in the Android world where I’m stuck in the Apple ecosystem.  I like having the choice and the customization that can happen because of the choice.  I’m no longer really interested in the new iPhones anymore.  3D touch isn’t really that compelling feature for me yet.




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