Last Night on Earth first impressions

We finally got around to playing the Last Night on Earth game. I’m not a big zombie fan, but I found that I liked the game. I’m a huge fan of Mansions of Madness; the one thing that causes trouble with Mansions is the long setup time. If you setup a card stack wrong or in the wrong place you can really mess up the whole game. LNoE has the same horror feel of Mansions without the 45 minute setup time.

We played the suggested first game of kill 15 zombies in 15 turns with four players (two zombies and four heroes.) The heroes were: Jenny, Sally, Billy, and Jake.

The zombies changed strategies at the start of the game and started running away from the heroes, congregating in the barn and hospital far away from the high school where the heroes decided to meet up and form a solid group (Don’t split the party, right?)

By the time the heroes armed up through searching and started to chase down zombies the time had run out. The heroes only managed to take down six zombies. Mostly accomplished by Billy and his meat cleaver and Sally and her baseball bat, which she broken. Jake’s shotgun skills were terrible.

The gameplay was fairly quick and fun. There is a little down time for people between turns but with a lot more fighting (i.e. less chicken zombies) the would be even less time waiting for something to do.

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