The fourth irregulars are ready to take the field


The 4th is finally ready for battle.  The fourth irregulars is a 15 solider company of dwarf infantry led by the veteran Id Kamdöl.  The company gets its name from its long and glory-filled history.  The 4th was first stood up as a fortress defense force made up of civilian volunteers.  When green skin raiders descended on Karak Norn carpenters, masons, brewers, engineers, and others took up arms to defend their homes and loved ones.  Iden Kamdöl, grandmother of Id formed the first irregulars and started monthly training drills in an oddly shaped cavern off a seldom used tunnel beneath the karak.  The group borrowed arms and armour and adopted a red coloured uniform so they could be seen in the corridors when they raced to confront invaders.

The red coloured uniform and the name stayed with the company when they were elevated to a full time company in the karak’s throng.  They no longer borrow arms or armour, but uniformity in metals or weapons is discouraged.  They still accept volunteers and it is not uncommon to see a miner, thunderer, or engineer in their ranks when the company enters battle.

The 4th Irregulars joins the Karak Norn throng’s 1st Infantry company, 2nd Thunderers company, 3rd Infantry company, and 5th Artillery squadron.



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