The army so far

It took almost 18 months to assemble, prime, and paint the dwarf battalion box that I purchased at GenCon 2012.  There are a few extra models in this picture.  The flame cannon was a Christmas gift in 2012 and the slayer was donated to my army by a friend who had a sack o’ dwarfs he did not want.

My army is of Karak Norn. I picked that stronghold because my son plays Bretonnians and my daughter plays Wood Elves. Given these three armies the most logical place to base my army was the Grey Mountains.

The green regiment on the right, the 1st Infantry Regiment are known as the “moss backs”.  The 1st has been involved in many defensive actions among the rocky slopes of the Grey Mountains.  They cling to their post as moss clings to the rocks.

The second rifles provide small arms support to the army.  The 2nd Thunderers Regiment is led by Grom Stiffstock.  This unit has distinguished itself is several small skirmishes with Bretonnian archers who have ranged too close to the mountains without permission.  The 2nd has suffered some casualties in these battles and they are eager to get the trespassing humans in their sights again.

The “icebloods” are the blue soldiers on the left.  Eight of the units are masked as ironbreakers and eight are holding great weapons.  These elite troops of the 3rd Infantry Regiment fight in the upper reaches of the mountain where their blue cloaks are often coated with a thin veneer of ice.


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