Dwarf painting pictures


primed and blocked warriors
I don’t have a time-lapse or a step by step painting picture guide.  I should do something like that with my next set.  Here’s a short montage of my painting efforts. This first picture is a set of five warriors, blocked on styrofoam and primed using Citadel white.




painted and based dwarf warriors
The same five warriors after they have been painted and based.  This is the first regiment of my Grey Mountain dwarf army.  These are the Mighty Mossbacks, cloaked in green they clung to the crags and rocky slopes of the Grey Mountains near Karak Norn fighting elves and green skins.  The 1st regiment received the nickname Moss backs for their tenacity in mountain fighting.  As the saying goes, “it’s easier to clean moss off a cliff than fight the first in the mountains.”


What’s finished so far is the 15 warriors of the 1st regiment and 16 thunders of the second regiment.  Here they are with 2 members of the 4th irregulars (the miner and cannoneer off on their own)

My dwarf army, so far.

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