Le Havre for the iPad

I’ve been waiting for this game to hit iPad for a while now.  I tried it out at the Bookery Boardgame Club in Fairborn a while back and it’s a great game.  The board game version has a ton of pieces, go figure–it was made by the designer who did Agricola.  Lot’s of little chits, money pieces and cards.

So having this game on the iPad is wonderful.  Just like Ticket to Ride is a pain to setup and sort and get ready, we spent a fair amount of time getting the physical game ready to play… the iPad version is ready to go when you are, since you don’t have to sort things or shuffle cards.

The nice thing about the iPad is there is always someone to play with and the AI has been fairly challenging so far.  I’ve only played the game twice now so I’m still getting the feel for when to take resources vs when to build something.  I’m sure I’ll be winning sooner or later.


See all about the game here: http://sageboardgames.com/le-havre-the-harbor.html

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