Cutthroats game in Playstation Home

I just found out about the pirate themed game in Playstation Home. I know it’s been around for a bit but I haven’t updated my Home software in a long time. The game is a team shoot-em-up with one person at the helm of a ship and up to six people manning the guns. Each cannon can move independently and requires a gunner to fire. As you blast the other ships they take damage. If you shoot at a cannon you can wreck it and stop it from being used to pummel you. I didn’t notice if there was a difference between shooting sails or hulls. In either case the ship takes structural damage.

As you play you earn XP that you can use to unlock abilities that allow you to buy buffs to cannon damage or reduce reload time for gunners or increase speed and repair abilities for navigators.

It’s very much like the ship combat in Pirates of the Caribbean On-line. One driver and a crew of gunners. Only the navigator can repair structural damage and gunners can rebuild trashed cannons. I didn’t see a way for gunners to help out fixing the structure of the ship.

There’s no wind and ships move about much like they do in PotCO. Although I didn’t get my ship to backup, so forward and then port or starboard.

It was fun and it will probably bring me back to Playstation Home more often than my usual once a quarter visit to my harbor side apartment.

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