Playstation Vita… I think I’ll wait.

The day is here and the Playstation Vita is out. I’ve messed around with one at the local Gamestop and I’m just not as excited as I once was. The UMD import tool is not available in the U.S. and the system uses proprietary cables and memory cards. There isn’t any on-board storage in the machine. It can’t replace my PSP since I don’t want to re-purchase downloadable copies of my UMDs (and in some cases my UMD games are not on the PSN) I can’t use my PSP accessories since the new Vita memory cards aren’t even standard Sony memory sticks.

The technical specs are impressive and I’d love to see handheld versions of Red Dead Redemption and Dragon Age appear on the Vita, but for now I’ll stick with PSP versions of Mod Nation racers, Little Big Planet, and Wipeout. I’d buy one tomorrow if I could replace my PSP with the Vita but I can’t play Pirates! or Star Wars Battlefield at all and I’d have to re-buy a dozen other titles. It’s just too much to spend for not enough gain. Sorry Sony. I’ll keep my eye on the Vita and if I can get a used one at Gamestop or if you drop the price I’ll reconsider.

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