Switching from iPhone to Android

The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play is finally on the AT&T network so I have made the jump from the iPhone to an Android device. It’s been quite an adjustment to go from the Apple worlds where iTunes does everything for you and Apple’s design rules ensure that most apps look and behave in a similar fashion to the free-wheeling worlds of Android where every app is different and I need a special application on my computer to manage each type of media on my phone (i.e. an app for music, another for books, and another for movies). I have found that I really do enjoy being able to drag and drop files onto my phone in a readable filesystem. That’s one of my first frustrations with iPhone was the inability to move individual files onto the phone. I had to get used to iTunes managing all my interaction with my phone. Now I’m back to being able to drag .ePub files into the /books directory and movies into the /video directory all by myself.

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