Apples ends its “it just works” philosophy with Lion

Many users are regretting their decision to upgrade their Apple computers to the new MacOS 10.7 (a.k.a. Lion) Apple has removed support for some key features which causes programs to stop working.
Of course Apple doesn’t tell you that there is a risk of lost functionality until AFTER Lion is installed and it creates a folder called “Incompatible software” on the root of your boot disk.

I double checked through all the how-tos and learn-about-lion pages on the Apple web site and there’s no warning about loss of features. I saw some tech blogs speculating about Rosetta support removal but nothing official from Apple.

The rumors were true and my Lion upgrade REMOVED software from my system. I would not expect a system upgrade to remove features without some explicit warning. I figured since I already had those features that Apple, the company of “everything just works” wouldn’t turn off something that was working.

Without Rosetta any Power PC binary programs will not work. This includes Starcraft, Diablo 1 and 2, Civilization 3, Appleworks, Alice 2.2, MacMAME, Cepstral voices, and many others. Also left off was Inkwell the handwriting recognizion system.

Apple’s touting Lion sales and all the great new features that make your Mac look more like an iPad, but there are many many unhappy people on the Apple Support forums… I’m one of them.

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