Back from SANS Network Security 2010

SANS 508 Round Metal ObjectI’m back from SANSNS 2010.  I took the 508 Computer Forensics Investigations and Incident Response course.  It was a great course and like all SANS training you get hit with a huge volume of material is a very short amount of time.  I kept my head above water through most of the class and did manage to win the forensic challenge at the end with my friend Bert.  We both received these snazzy round metal objects (a.k.a. coins).

I’m teaching class now, so there is no time to study for the exam.  I’m taking the recommended break between SANS firehousing and sitting for the exam.  I’ll start tabbing out my book and reviewing my notes in November, then I’ll test for the GFCA and be a truly lethal SANS forensicator.

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