Kingdom Hearts PSP Bundle initial impressions

I got the Kingdom Hearts PSP bundle today at the Gamestop.  First impression is that this is a nice PSP 3001 bundle with a game I’ve been wanting to play for a long time.  I never played the previous Kingdom Hearts becauce before now I’ve never had a Playstation.

I was a little disappointed that this PSP doesn’t have any identifying marks that shows its the special Kingdom Hearts edition, it is just a plain silver PSP.  The Pokemon themed Nintendo was a unique color and had pokemon images on the case.  I was expecting Mickey ears or some kind of Disney iconography on the case.  A Kingdom Hearts theme for the XBM would have been a nice touch.

There was also a bit of confusion about what’s included in the bundle.  The Gamestop website and the Sony PSP page still don’t agree.  Gamestop says you get the game, a 4G memory stick, the silver PSP and a movie voucher.  The Sony web site said the game, the 4G stick, the PSP and 50 songs from the Sony Music Store.  For a week or so Sony listed Madden 11 as part of the bundle, but I think that was just a typo.

The box contains the PSP, the 4G stick, the game, and a SonyMusicPass for 50 songs.  I’m new to the whole PSP and PS3 world so I was hopeful that the SonyMusicPass would be part of the PSN and I could get movies or TV shows but, no such luck.  It looks like I’m stuck downloading songs from a very limited selection at the Sony Music site… bummer.

I hope the game is good…

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