Grades are all caught up

Wow it’s been a busy Saturday here at the northern command bunker, but I’ve finally caught up on all the grading I’ve needed to do. All labs, quizzes, and exams that have been graded have also been entered into Blackboard and anything still showing as a dash (-) is something I do not have.

I’ve posted a brief explanation on how to calculate your current grade in the forums, head on over there to see what you’ve got so far. Don’t freak out if it’s lower than you expect. I have yet to hand out participation points and no one has taken the final exam yet, so your score will be 15-25 points lower than what you’ll end up with, provided that you continue to hand in work, get your part points in, and take the final exam. If you give up now and never show up again, what you see today is what you get, but I don’t think anyone plans on giving up yet.

Have a great break and keep an eye on my blog and the forums for news about the schedule after we get back, I may not be in state and we might have a take home lab when you get back from break.

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