Failure to adapt

The impending replacement of my main computer has me planning out what things to load and what things to leave behind and as I look at the list of things that I want to put on my machine I wonder if I’m starting to fall behind technically or if I’m simply so used to specific programs that I don’t need to adapt to the newer-better-faster application.

The things that are tops on the list: vim, TeTeX, nmh and WindowMaker.

It struck me as odd that I’d be putting these things on a Macbook Pro that already has Xcode, iWork, Mail and a GUI, but I’m so used to being able to fire off a quick email from the command line or using one of the LaTeX templates for reports, memos, lab handouts, quizzes, exams or articles.

In many ways I’m an early adopter but there are a few core programs that I cling to in the same way that a child clings to a worn out blanket. I wonder if I shouldn’t use this opportunity to break from my dependence on very old programs…

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