Lecturecasts still broken

My recording ability is still down. I won’t have anything recorded in the way of an exam review.

For the exam, make sure you read the reading assignments. Many of the test questions are taken from the reading. The exam is comprised of matching, fill-in-the-blank, true/false, and drawing or short answer.

I’ll be on-line tonight for any questions you may have before class starts tomorrow evening. Please make use of the forums, the call-in number, or email to get any questions answered before the exam.

To save time I’ll answer some of the more frivolous and most asked question here and now.

– No, you do not HAVE to take the exam, but you will receive a zero for a grade.

– No, I won’t give you the answers for the exam.

– No, you may not take the exam as a group.

– No, you may not use the Internet while taking the exam.

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