Is Activision tainting Blizzard?

After listening to The Instance #145 and doing a little browsing, it seems that Blizzard is issuing some strangely unBlizzard-like take down notices.  Mod writers are being asked not to ask for money, iPhone application developers are being told to cease and desist and a German web comic was told to take down a comic.

I’ll miss the Character app for iPhone. It was really sweet and worked much better than trying to use the Armory from mobile Safari. The link to the iPhone Character’s App notice is here:

Is this the end of Blizzard as we know it? Is the Activision culture finally taking hold and changing the company? What does this mean to WoW and Blizzard?
I don’t know. I hope not. I like what Blizzard has done and I haven’t played anything from Activision since Pitfall (Yep, I’m that old.)

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