Labs are graded and posted to BB

Any and all labs that I have in my possession are now graded and the grades are posted on Blackboard. Please review the information BEFORE taking the final exam and ensure that I have all the work you believe you have handed in to me.

Some caveats and hints about grades:

– Exams and quizzes are open.  Take any and all of these that you did not take yet.  Don’t stress out about late policies, just take the quiz.  If you are locked out of blackboard you must tell me BEFORE Monday 4 May or I will have no choice but to give you zeros for missing exam/quiz/labs.
– If you worked on a lab with someone and your partner failed to write your name on the report, you must send me a report with your name on it. Please do not email me with, “I should have a grade on labs 1-12, I worked on them with Bob and Jeff”

Yes, I have had students in the past try to join lab partnerships in the last week of the semester in order to get a better grade. You must turn in a copy of the lab write up with your name on it.

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