iPhone mania day 1

So I’ve got my phone, it’s registered and working as a phone and I’ve transferred all my iPod Touch apps over. Now I’m obsessed with coverage, wandering around watching the number of bars where-ever I go.  I’m not sure why I’m doing this, Verizon coverage in Vermont is not that great.  I guess I’m hoping that AT&T will be at least the same, if not a little better. 

The upside  is that if I can’t make a call I can listen to my iTunes music or watch Futurama.  Things I couldn’t do with my Verizon-damaged Razr.

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2 Responses to iPhone mania day 1

  1. imperfecjohn says:

    I’m considering a switch to AT&T from Verizon, and iPhone from iPod Touch but I’m waiting for some word on coverage first. I’m looking forward to your verdict once you’ve decided how the two networks compare in your experience!

  2. Jack Skoda says:

    I haven’t noticed any extra dead zones in and around Randolph. Today I venture to Northfield and I’ll be watching my bars, especially in places I know are dead spots for Verizon.

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