When Teachers Make Me Mad

I ran into this today…


Summary: Teacher sees student showing off Linux and handing out Live CDs. Teacher confiscates CDs and writes an angry letter because teacher is definitely a techno-bigot and probably a worthless tool.

I understand that it is hard to set aside personal bias when teaching. I have worked for years to ensure that my lectures are even-handed. When I feel I’ve presented biased information I tell my students. I usually disclose my past and current involvement with organizations/products that we talk about in class. Instructors have a professional obligation to teach. We aren’t marketing people hired to sell things and we shouldn’t be zealots trying to convert non-believers. Especially in technology. The more technology one is exposed to the better. Tech teachers who pontificate one solution as the solution are doing nothing but limiting students understanding of the industry.

For those that read the original article, it is evident that the teacher, Karen, is woefully ignorant of the greater technology world and has simply reduced herself to spouting one companies marketing material as the end all and be all of computer science. It’s sad all around. She’s a disgrace to her school and other tech teachers. Her students are being indoctrinated and will have to grow out of ignorance on their own or live with a limited and damaged perspective of the tech landscape.

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