Grimlager at Brewfest, chatting up a lady

Grimlager at Brewfest, chatting up a lady

I think that Brewfest in the World of Warcraft is my favorite virtual holiday.  I’m amazed at how the folks at Blizzard take real world events, like Octoberfest,  and tun them in to a week long party.

The other thing that’s really amazing is the nature of the event.  It’s a booze fueled festival yet none of the negative troubles seem to manifest themselves.  I suppose that’s because the toon is drunk and the person behind the keyboard isn’t, so all that beer-induced bad judgement that causes troubles at binge drinking parties doesn’t exist.

Playing WoW tipsy isn’t nearly as much fun as playing WoW when your toon is tipsy.  One night I thought it was a good idea to swim from Darkshore to Durotan. I made it to Azshara then hearth-stoned home.  I know, don’t ask, it wasn’t as much fun as I thought it would be.  I know others (no names of course) who couldn’t manage to keep from falling to their death in Gnomer (more than once) while the rest of the team waited, and waited, and waited…

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