More work with my Hirst Arts molds

Dwarf gun emplacement as seen by the enemy

I have found some time to work with my Hirst Arts molds and built a gun emplacement for my Dwarf army artillery teams.  This is the last of my craft store plaster of paris.  The bricks are a little chalky and soak up ALOT of paint.  I’m trying model railroad hydrocal next.

The floor tiles on both levels are are glued to a thin piece of cardboard and need to be trimmed back a bit more so they are less visible when the roof is in place.

When I get more basic blocks I plan to build up the base more to give this a tower feel rather than it’s current bunker style.  The plan is to set this tower on the shelf to the far left and create a beer hall style structure for the rest of the army to hang out in while they wait to fight stinking elves.






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