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Using virtualization to model “real world” IT

One of the things I have been working on this semester is trying to make my IT related classes more “real world”.  I have setup Xencenter in the lab and have issued out VMs to lab teams where they can complete the assignments and have a persistent machine that won’t be re-imaged or lost between […]

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Back on-line with Moodle

The update is finished and I’ve started testing the new version of moodle. Everything should be ready for the fall 2010 semester.

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Moodle update in progress

I’m updating the moodle server here at While I don’t expect a great outcry of students; there’s always one who checks in at the exact wrong time. I’m going to try the 2.0 release candidate out and see how I like it.

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My Copy of Windows Isn’t Genuine Anymore

Over the summer I’ve planned to revamp my CIS2230 System Admin course to include more Windows specific examples. I received a Windows 7 key from my department head in accordance with our college’s MSDN membership. I get Windows installed and type in the key and everything is fine for several months. Last week I opened […]

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Congratulations to the graduates

Good luck and Godspeed to all my former students who have graduated this past weekend.

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Radical changes to CIS-2230

Check out the posting in the forums titled: Radical New Changes for CIS-2230 I’m going the change some things about the on-line portion of the course to help steam line things.  Read the post BEFORE the 15th for a chance at some part points. Update: The moodle install is complete and the course is setup.  The […]

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Quiz #4 is up and going

I had a little hicup with blackboard last night, but that’s all fixed now.  Quiz #4 is available for students now and will remain open for the next 24 hours.  Please make every effort to take the quiz.  You have to contact me BEFORE the quiz closes at 1PM on 11 March if you cannot […]

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CIS 2230, System admin lecture 9

This lecture covers the shell in great and lengthy detail. [quicktime][/quicktime] Enhanced Podcast: [podcast ][/podcast] Plain MP3: [podcast][/podcast] Slides will be uploaded tomorrow…

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Bring your book to lab

We will be using the book in lab this week.  Please bring it and if you have time, read Appendix A.  This link may also be VERY helpfully.

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Quiz #3 extended… again

Quiz 3 has been extended to Monday 8 March.  The quiz will close at 5PM on Monday.  Please make every effort to complete the quiz before it closes, because I cannot extend it again, since quiz #4 will start on Wednesday.

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