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More work with my Hirst Arts molds

I have found some time to work with my Hirst Arts molds and built a gun emplacement for my Dwarf army artillery teams.  This is the last of my craft store plaster of paris.  The bricks are a little chalky and soak up ALOT of paint.  I’m trying model railroad hydrocal next. The floor tiles […]

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Finally! I win at Robinson Crusoe

Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island is one of the hardest solo experiences I have had yet.  It’s wonderful to find a game that beats you, but still makes you want to play again.  I spent a long time trying to make it through the first six adventures.  Number six was finally finished this […]

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The new Pokemon GO game has been released in the U.S. and it seems to be a pretty fun idea.  The augmented reality game connects with a Google Maps like system (could very well be Maps itself) to give the player a real world space to explore and look for pokemon.  I can help but […]

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Games Workshop retail store

I found my way into a Games Workshop retail store last night.  I was excited to learn about the store.  I was hoping that a GW retail outlet would be something special.  The manager was friendly and knowledgeable.  He knew the games and army compositions and the lore.  He offered constructive tips on how to […]

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Trying out Hirst Arts molds

My first time casting parts with the Hirst Arts castlemolds. I used plaster from a craft chain store.  I wanted to try the cheap stuff first and see how the molds work.  I wanted to have some experience with the process before ordering special casting material (like dental stone or the merlin’s magic stone.) I […]

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Hirst Arts molds

I picked up a selection of Hirst Arts castlemolds at Gen Con this year.  I have wanted to find a solution for scenery for RPGs and Warhammer fantasy battles.  I looked at the pre-build walls and hallways from a few different vendors.  I wanted to have more options and be more creative with my scenes. […]

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The beastmen ready for war.

The doombull Stomrugah has bellowed his horrid war cry and the herd assembles in the forests of Arden in the north of Bretonnia. Roaming one night from his lair Stomrugah happened upon a caravan of dwarf traders. Enraged by their intrusion the doombull slaughtered the dwarfs and laid waste to their camp. The wagons were […]

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Last Night on Earth first impressions

We finally got around to playing the Last Night on Earth game. I’m not a big zombie fan, but I found that I liked the game. I’m a huge fan of Mansions of Madness; the one thing that causes trouble with Mansions is the long setup time. If you setup a card stack wrong or […]

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Red Dragon Inn play test

For longer than I can recall I’ve wanted to play the Red Dragon Inn. For one reason or another it was on my short list, but something else always came out or was the new hotness and I never got around to buying a copy.  Also, I was skeptical about the theme.  My gaming group includes […]

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The fourth irregulars are ready to take the field

The 4th is finally ready for battle.  The fourth irregulars is a 15 solider company of dwarf infantry led by the veteran Id Kamdöl.  The company gets its name from its long and glory-filled history.  The 4th was first stood up as a fortress defense force made up of civilian volunteers.  When green skin raiders […]

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